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(Photo: Sofia Antonova) Kurungnakh, Samoylov research station (Photo: Sofia Antonova) Kurungnakh, Samoylov research station Tuesday, 29th of July 2014
Hello our dear readers and welcome again to our tundra stories blog from the Lena Delta. The new field season has started already few months ago and for some of us it will be already the second stay for this year.
As for me, it is going to be my last field season (at least for my PhD time, but I really hope I will come back there again someday). While I am writing this, I try to analyze my thoughts and feelings, and I came up with a notice that every time you think that your previous expedition was so great and unrepeatable that nothing can be better anymore. However, in practise, every new field trip turns out to be even greater than the previous one! So, let us see what this expedition brings .
And now traditionally it is time to introduce our team.
Me, Sonya, PhD student on my second year. My main tasks will be checking out all my subsidence station installed on Kurungnakh Ice Complex in 2013 and, of course, my favourite activity – wandering through the tundra desert and documenting the surface conditions in order to understand the signal from my radar images.
Julia Boike – the boss of our SPARC group. She definitely missed Samoylov and is very excited to go there now! Among her aims are the seismic experiment on the Lucky Lake on Kurungnakh, bathymetry measurements of some lakes and photogrammetry of the polygon on Samoylov.
Niko Bornemann aka Golden Hands - an engineer of our group. He will be also involved into the seismic works as well as to maintaining measurement stations on Kurungnakh.
Steffen Frey is is another engineer in our team and he will take care of the measurement stations on Samoylov.
Günter Stoof (Molo) and Waldemar Schneider are truly indispensable persons on Samoylov. Molo as an engineer can do literally everything. Not to forget the fish! Waldemar coordinates all activities, negotiates with Russian officials and partners. Without his "Hallo zusammen" I cannot imagine any breakfast on Samoylov.
Anne Morgenstern and her student Georg Veh will stay only 10 days on Samoylov with us. Afterwards, they go to Sobo-Sise to join another part of the expedition. They will investigate thermoerosional processes.
Written by Sofia