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BLOG: Samoylov 2015, Samoylov Expedition 2015

Tomorrow it will start; My three and a half week expedition to Samoylov Island at the Lena river delta in northernmost Siberia. I will be joining a small but robust group of scientists from AWI, University of Hamburg and St. Petersburg, Russia and trying out what it really takes to be a field researcher.

In my day-to-day management work language I would be moving from the MGT over to RTD for 0,7 PMs to implement tasks under the WP2 T2.5. In this blog I will try to tell you what that really means.


Expedition equipment; sack full of warm clothes, good shoes and a water bottle. Picture: Leena-Kaisa Viitanen

I will team up with Pete (Peter Schreiber) and Niko (Bornemann) from Julia Boike’s group in AWI / Uni Hamburg and conduct a small scale lake measurement campaign, in which I will be sampling biological parameters from the lakes on the Samoylov Island in order to contribute to the understanding of the hydrology system of the island. I will also take a set of aerial pictures, so that Julia and her group will be able to update the hydrological map of the island.

The actual journey to Samoylov starts from Berlin from where we fly through Moscow to Yakutsk. From Yakutsk we will take a flight to Tiksi where we will head to a helicopter, which will take us to our final location on the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

Everything is packed and we are ready to go. The trip will be covering all in all more than 5 5oo km and will take at least a day with a stop in Tiksi.

So long