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BLOG Samoylov 2015 – 101 years

P1000965 smallArctic Poppy. Picture: L.Viitanen, AWI.There is one thing that has not failed the past 15 years here on the island; Molo’s birthday party.
Every July 21st, a feast has been prepared by the July crew together with the station staff to celebrate one more year of Molo.

Lucky me, July 21st is also my birthday, so this year I got to float along and had one of the most memorable birthdays of my life.
In a truly Russian style, we lacked nothing in the dinner table and I guess I will never again receive a gift as the one I got for this birthday from Ira and Olga; a real mammoth vertebra.
Unfortunately, since Samoylov is part of a nature reserve and nothing is allowed to be exported, or even collected, I had to leave the bone to the island. But I will certainly cherish the very beautiful gesture of the girls and tell anyone who just wants to listen that I have a mammoth a very good care in Siberia.

I would have loved to have some pictures from the evening, but I was just too busy eating and dancing to take any pictures. Instead, I will post one of the Arctic Poppy, one of the flowers growing on the island.