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Blog Samoylov 2015 - Last look back to the island

All good things come to an end, and so did this expedition.
After few weeks on holiday and already one week at the office again I have had time to look back and go over the expedition in my head.

While the data is still waiting to be checked and thus the real judgement on the success of the expedition is not yet there, I must say that all in all, the expedition was of course an experience of a lifetime.

The nature in the Arctic, in its roughness and minimalism, is simply beautiful. The tundra, the many small islands in the delta and the Lena itself compose a balanced, but powerful landscape in which peace of mind is not difficult to achieve.

The work itself was anything but boring. Just to see and learn to understand how the polygonal tundra has been formed over thousands of years was already worth the trip. To be able to discuss and ask questions on other peoples work and research in this unique environment was naturally priceless.

But what really stood out from this expedition, was the great atmosphere and good spirit in our group.
All 25 people staying on the island in July made an effort to make the month the best it could be.. and good it was.

I am very impressed by the level of cooperation and the overall willingness of everybody to share on their own research and understanding and above all the willingness of everybody to help each other in the field, lab or just in preparing the work.

For my part I want simply to say Thank you!
I had a great time, I learned a lot and I hope that I managed to do my small part well enough, so that it will help our scientists in their work.
Below, some last impressions from the past month.
 DSC 0065.smallBoardwalk to the end of the world. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.  a halo1A halo. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.
 Katja and AnnaKatja and Anna. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.  MoloMolo making sure we actually leave :) P: L.Viitanen, AWI.
 P1000742smallMidnight sun. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.  P1010031.jpgsmallAnna, Waldemar and Pete on Sardarkh. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.
 Josi and NikoJosi and Niko on the first try to Sardakh. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.  DSC 0126.jpgunnidsmallPolygon. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.
 20150715 102737.smallOne curious polar fox. P: T.Eckhardt, UHAM.  MMGamez Samoylov 2015 22 smallLars and Nana collecting samples. P: M.M. Gaméz, UHAM.
 DSC 0082.jpgunnidSamoylov. P:L.Viitanen, AWI.  the sandy beach of Lena riverThe beach on Samoylov. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.
Met station StolbMeteorological station Stolb. P: L.Viitanen, AWI. St.Basil MoscowSt. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. P: L.Viitanen, AWI.