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Blog Kytalyk 2013: 24 April

Expedition to Chokurdakh (Sakha Republic) 23 April - 5 May 2013


24 April, Dusseldorf-Moscow

Moscow photo by David Gordillo FlickrMoscow. Photo by David Gordillo, Flickr.An early start (5.15) to catch the flight to Moscow and after a few hours in the air we land at Domodedovo airport. Passing rapidly through customs control, luggage collection, we arrive in the airport's main hall which reminds me of a typical bazaar from a central Asian town. The only elements missing were the colourful displays of spices, replaced here with the contrasting tints of the usb car charger for electronic cigarette passthrough nylon bags of the travellers, all rigorously wrapped by multiple rounds of sellotape.
The air in the waiting rooms is kind of futuristic, there must be a CO2 concentration of at least 2000 ppm. That is exactly the future that we are strive to avoid and not only in regards of the chemistry of the atmosphere but also because of the impossibility to find a free seat in a super crowded yet recently renovated airport.