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Chersky 2013: Great news

(Photo: Martin Hertel) Lunch break for the team and the mosquito. (Photo: Martin Hertel) Lunch break for the team and the mosquito.Monday, 29th of July 2013
Now, that our field trip is nearly over, it is really relieving for me to blog about some great news: We managed to finish all the planned work in the remaining time, even though our core working time was rather short overall due to the delay in the shipment of our instruments.
The equipment is installed completely and we were able to assemble the second tower and the second chamber transect during the last days in the field.
After the first test runs and dealing with some small errors, both systems are running smoothly.
I have to say I am very proud of the team and the work we did. It wasn´t easy all the time, but if you look at the result it is very impressive.
(Photo: M. Hertel) At the boat trip to our site we spotted a wild moose.(Photo: M. Hertel) At the boat trip to our site we spotted a wild moose.From now one, two chamber transect, with 10 chambers each, and two EC systems will measure ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases on different scales. We are looking forward to seeing the first results soon.

Next to the feeling of relief about being able to finish the setup I have to admit that I am also a bit sad to leave Chersky after about 3 weeks. I was a wonderful and very impressive time for me and I enjoyed my stay very much.
On behalf of the whole team, I have to thank our Russian partners for hosting and helping us in every situation, the scientific support and the unforgettable time they brought us.
But not all of us will leave; Min will stay for one more month to collect data with the chamber systems. Therefore, this blog will be continued also after I have to say goodbye. I hope it was interesting and entertaining to read about our expedition and our stay in Siberia and you continue following our blog.
Written by Fanny