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Summer 2013: fieldwork for remote sensing – from Samoylov to Abisko

(Photo:  Elin Högström)  Soil moisture measurements (TDR).(Photo: Elin Högström) Soil moisture measurements (TDR).Sunday, 18th of August 2013
Today is Sunday. The rain is pouring down and most of us have taken a day off. Or at least a half day.
There were so far not many days of bad weather. Only for a couple in a row last week the winds were too strong to go with the boat to Kurungnakh.
We kept ourselves occupied with things here at the station instead. Most of the time I spent in the Werkstatt, with Sascha Niemann (AWI), whose focus is the hydrology of one of the larger lakes in Southern Kurungnakh. The Lucky Lake.
Usually, it is really warm and nice at the station. But at times when it was not, we found the solution: the HH underwear (photo number 2). The latest island fashion, yes indeed.
(Photo: Birgit Heim) Saschia and Elin testing tools in the Werkstatt.(Photo: Birgit Heim) Saschia and Elin testing tools in the Werkstatt.I had time to prepare and test my stations for surface soil moisture and temperature measurements. Now they are running for a couple of days and should be ready to install soon.
The area I covered so far in field is the surroundings of Lucky Lake. Sofia Antonova (AWI) has already installed automatic stations for subsidence measurements at two locations there.
Our work here is related and there are quite a few things we can exchange.
The other day, Sascha and I brought back soil from the sites. The soil will be used for calibration. Quite big chunks of soil are needed for that, so we brought a sledge.
Dragging this plus the samples for the volumetric soil moisture measurements was a sweaty task over the soft, hilly and bumpy tundra.
This morning we said goodbye to some Russian and German colleagues that were done with their work here.
Now I look forward to tomorrow when a new group should arrive, including Gustaf Hugelius, Matthias Siewert and Johannes Petrone from Stockholm, as well as Samuel Faucherre and Christian Juncher Jorgensen from Copenhagen.
Written by Elin