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Post – doctoral position available at Stockholm University

(Logo: University of Stockholm) (Logo: University of Stockholm) Post-doctoral Position on high-latitude land surface modeling within the Department of Applied Environmental Science and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research is now open for applications.

Candidates with a PhD degree in any quantitative science (e.g. physics, meteorology, geo-ecology or other geo-science, environmental and natural sciences, applied mathematics or computer science) are eligible for this position, given their strong motivation to complement their past training and to apply their expertise to Earth system modeling.
The candidate should have experience with writing models using FORTRAN or similar, and the UNIX system environment. Demonstrated experience in scientific programming, solving numerical problems, and running Earth System Models (or equivalent large-scale models) for scientific purposes is considered strongly beneficial. In general, we seek a flexible and proactive person who is capable of independent thinking, likes to continuously learn about new scientific problems, and actively seeks solutions to these problems.

The candidate must have received a PhD degree no more than three years prior the application deadline, unless there are special circumstances that should be taken into account. These might be illness, parental leave, union duties or similar.

Application deadline is 3rd September 2013. For more information about the position, terms of employment and how to submit the application, please visit Stockholm´s University website.