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Research positions available at the University of Hamburg

(Photo: Magdalena Tomasik) Permafrost research site, Abisko, northern Sweden (Photo: Magdalena Tomasik) Permafrost research site, Abisko, northern Sweden The University of Hamburg has an opening for 2 research associate positions (with opportunity to pursue a PhD dissertation) to work on the investigation of land-atmosphere carbon (CO2 and CH4) exchange of permafrost landscapes using eddy covariance flux measurements (position 1) and stable isotope (13CO2) techniques (position 2), respectively.
Both research associates will work within the collaborative project "CARBOPERM - Carbon in Permafrost" which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany.
The first position is dedicated to the micrometeorological investigation of the balances and controls of the exchange fluxes of CO2 and CH4 between the atmosphere and the dominant tundra types in the north-Siberian Lena River Delta.
The second position is dedicated to the partitioning of the carbon fluxes into the underlying physiological processes, e.g., photosynthesis, autotrophic respiration, heterotrophic respiration, CH4 production and CH4 oxidation as well as to investigating the gas transport processes within the soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum using stable isotope techniques.
The short-term contracts terminate on 30.09.2016, subject to the actual granted funds. The preferred starting date is 1 January 2014.
Closing date for applications: 15 November 2013
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