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AGU Fall Meeting coming up

agu-logo-blueAmerican Geophysical UnionThe 46th American Geophysical Union's annual Fall Meeting will be held in San Francisco 9.-13. December.
More than 22,000 earth and space scientists, educators and students gather to present research and connect with colleagues.
The PAGE21 project and the scientific outcomes from the project so far are presented in various sessions in this years meeting.
AWI as the Coordinator has been invited to present the PAGE21 project in the session "Integration of International Arctic Research Programs and Data Streams From Polar Observatories, User Facilities, Data Collection Networks, and Field Campaigns II" on Wednesday December 11. Julia Boike will present the project.
She will also give a presention in a session "Hydrological Response to Climate Change in Permafrost Regions I" with a title "It's all about water: from small scale hydrologic processes in ice wedge polygonal tundra and thermokarst lakes to larger scale river runoff (Lena River Delta, Siberia)"
Ko Van Huissteden from VUA will also present the PAGE21 project at a meeting of the Permafrost Carbon RCN meeting on Sunday, December 8th. In addition, Ko will give a presentation with a title "Rapid thaw pond formation in Northeast Siberia transfers permafrost carbon to the atmosphere" in the session "Vulnerability of Permafrost semenax wiki Carbon to Climate Change I". You can find his abstract in the abstract section on our website here.

In addition, at least the following PAGE21 members will be presenting their research at AGU:

Shushi Peng from LGGE will give a presentation with a title "Simulated permafrost soil thermal dynamics during 1960-2009 in eight offline processed-based models" in the session "Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to Climate Change II".
Gustaf Hugelius from SU presents his research under a title "Assessing uncertainties in circumpolar permafrost carbon maps by comparing them to local scale studies" on Monday December 8 in a session "Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to Climate Change III"
Sarah Chadburn from UNEXE presents latest modelling outcomes in a poster titled "The effect of arctic mosses on the simulation of permafrost by the JULES land surface model" in the session on "Modeling of the Cryosphere: Energy and Mass Balance of Snow, Ice, and Permafrost I Posters"
Mathias Goeckede from MPG presents the research in Northeast Siberia in a poster titled "Long-term effects of drainage disturbance on the carbon cycle processes within a tussock tundra ecosystem in Northeast Siberia" in a session "Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to Climate Change IV Posters" on