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PAGE21 Young Researcher Profile: Sarah Dantec - Nédélec

Sarah Dantec - NédélecSarah Dantec - NédélecToday we have a pleasure to introduce one of our PAGE21 young researchers, Sarah Dantec - Nédélec from Laboratory of climate and environmental sciences (LSCE), UVSQ located in France.
Name: Sarah Dantec - Nédélec
Institution: Laboratory of climate and environmental sciences (LSCE), UVSQ
Nationality: French
Please describe your research field: 
First of all I am a hydrologist and I use a land surface model called ORCHIDEE
How it is affiliated with the PAGE21 project ? 
I work on impact of climate evolution  for hydrology and vegetation in Siberia, and my tool is ORCHIDEE model.
What is the current challenge within this topic? 
The challenge is to evaluate how all the components of hydrology can evolve due to climate change and the impact it can have on vegetation.
How did it happen that you became a researcher? 
I have studied geology and hydrology  in the university and I have wanted to finish my academic career with a PhD. I have made an internship in Master degree in a similar subject of my PhD with my actual director , and I have really enjoy my internship so I have decided to carry on!

Why do you like being the researcher? 

It is a very interesting work where we are in constant evolution.


What do you like most in being a researcher?

I like a lot of things, like to be in interaction with the other researchers.

How a typical working day looks like?

Sitting in front of computers...

What are your plans for the upcoming three / five years?

Finish my Ph.D and continue as a PostDoc in the other country.

Most interesting experience / occurrence so far in your career? What are the challenges in the cooperation with the field people? 

The usual response is “ When are you going to go to Siberia?”


Answered by Sarah