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CryoGridEdu is now available

CryoGridEduCryoGridEduPAGE21 Snow – Permafrost Interaction Soil Model – CryoGridEdu has now been oficially launched.
CryoGridEdu allows two different types of input data that are used as an external forcing for the soil model. On the one hand you can generate tailored data with a sinusoidal temperature curve and a trapezoid shaped snow depth curve.
On the other hand you can also load files with measured temperatures and snow depth or snow water equivalent.
CryoGridEdu was developed by Dr. Moritz Langer, Max Heikenfeld and Sebastian Wastermann from Alfred Wagener Institute for Polar Research, Division of Geosciences within PAGE21 project.
Dr. Langer and Heikenfeld have been working on the role of degrading permafrost and carbon turnover in the coastal, shelf and deep – sea environment as a part of PAGE21 Work Package 4.
The CryoGridEdu software and the manual are available for the free of charge download. For more information and to download the program, please click here
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