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WP 8 meets in Akureyri

(Photo: M.Tomasik) WP 8 meets in Akureyri (Photo: M.Tomasik) WP 8 meets in Akureyri Today, 19th of February 2014 Karina Schollän, Boris Biskaborn from Alfred Wagener Institute located in Potsdam, Germany and Jean – Pierre Lanckman, Ævar Karlsson, Kerstin Gillen from the Arctic Portal, situated in Akureyri, Iceland, met to discuss provisions of Work Package (WP) 8.

Ævar and Jean – Pierre introduced the group with the accomplished tasks of database workload to include such features as: user account, metadata input tools, data input and download in CSV, control vocabulary, data visualization and automatic gap filling tool.

The team discussed the most important provisions of the current state of permafrost database and the workload that needs to be accomplished before the project´s deadline.

Both teams will work together until Friday the 21st of February. The outcome of their cooperation will be visible in the official database launch next month.