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PAGE21 General Assembly in Twente closing up

P1010344 s sAt the excursion. Photo by Niko Bornemann, AWI.For the past three days the PAGE21 consortium has been discussing the still outstanding issues regarding the final implementation of the project.
Going in to the final year, the partners are now preparing themselves for the final deliverables and the synthesis of the results of the three disciplines represented in the project.
The three-day assembly was a success both in terms of scientific implementation of specific tasks as well as knowledge sharing between disciplines.
Ko van Huissteden from the Free University of Amsterdam took the consortium to an excursion to Lutterzand area, which is a natural exposure along a river bank, where fluvial and eolian deposits dating from the Last Glacial Maximum to Early Holocene are exposed.
The final year of the project aims at implementing all remaining products coming out of the project ranging from international permafrost database to up to date estimates on Arctic permafrost carbon pools  and  their representation in international climate models.